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Upcoming Tanzania Oil & Gas Free Report

TazaniaInvest.com is currently preparing the first free Report on Oil & Gas in Tanzania.

In Tanzania wood-fuel accounts for up to 90% of total energy supply, with only 7% from oil-derived products, 2% from hydro-electricity, and 1% from other sources.

Nonetheless, downstream oil raises about 55% of the country’s foreign exchange earnings.

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In the last few years extensive gas fields have been identified off the coast at Songo Songo and Mnazi Bay, and they are currently under production.

In addition, recently discovered gas fields off of Mafia Island are currently under development.

Exploration success since 2010 has raised Tanzania‟s profile as a potential supplier of LNG
to Asian markets.

Current natural gas resources are estimated to be 40 trillion cubic feet (tcf), which is quite substantial.

In August 2013 The Ministry of Energy and Minerals of Tanzania announced that it expects Tanzania’s natural gas resources to increase five-fold by 2015, reaching 200 trillion cubic feet (tfc).

There is a number of exploration companies currently operating in the Tanzania, with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals implementing its national oil and gas exploration and development policies through the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC).

The Oil & Gas Sector is regulated by the Petroleum & Exploration Act of 1980, the Model of Product Sharing Agreement of 2008, and the Income Tax Act of 2004.

Tanzania’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals has drafted a Tanzanian Natural Gas Policy which is currently under review. The Policy covers mid and downstream segments of the industry, while upstream activities will be governed by a separate policy.

In October, 2013 the 4th Offshore Licensing Round was launched and bidding on several oil and gas blocks in the Indian Ocean and Lake Tanganyika were opened up to investors. The bidding session will close in May, 2014.

TanzaniaInvest.com Oil & Gas Report will provide an overview of the hydrocarbon sector in Tanzania, in light of the recent discoveries of Natural Gas and Petrol and will clarify:

  • Legal and Tax framework
  • Licensing Opportunities and Process
  • Current Exploration activities
  • Companies currently active in Tanzania
  • Extraction and commercialisation timeline
  • Investment opportunities beyond exploration

The Report will be based on exclusive interviews TanzaniaInvest.com will be conducting with high profile stakeholders such as Government Officials and CEO’ s, which include the Tanzania Petrol Development Corporation (TPDC), companies with currently licensed exploration rights, and the Tanzania Ministry of Natural Resources.

Contact us for further information about the upcoming report, and to receive the our available advertising and sponsoring package.

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