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CRDB Bank Refurbishment Program Continues

The Daily News has reported the re-opening of the newly refurbished branch of the CRDB Bank in Moshi, which now represents one of the most modern outlets in the Tanzania banking sector.

According to the report, the CRDB Bank is currently working on an ambitious refurbishment program that was originally launched in 2000 in an effort to modernize its branch network throughout the country.

The Daily News went on to report the bank’s Director of Marketing, Esther Mwambapa, as having said that the Moshi branch will help to set the standard for other branches to follow.

“The banking hall is more spacious,” said Ms. Mwambapa, “Teller cubicles have been increased from five to 11, and an additional ATM will no doubt tackle congestion and ensure smooth, comfortable services.”

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Ms. Mwambapa went on to indicate that the current layout of the banking hall was designed to personalize both customer services as well as the access to the bank’s services in general.

As of today, the CRDB Bank is operating with 52 branches and four agencies throughout the country, with a new branch currently being prepared in Mwanza that is intended to accommodate various offices and businesses.

“This is going to make life easier for businesspeople and office workers in the building as for those from other parts of the city. The branch will also increase business opportunities to tenants in the building because some of the people visiting our branch and ATMs will also make purchases in the shops,” she added.

Additionally, the CRDB Bank Songea branch in the Ruvuma region has also undergone a makeover and is now one of the best business structures in the region.

Likewise in Shinyanga, the CRDB Bank branch has also been updated and improved in order to become more efficient, contemporary and inviting to its clients.

“The object of the program is to improve customer service and raise staff productivity,” explained Ms. Mwambapa in the Daily News report, “The design of the refurbished branches is based on the open plan concept and has brand features that easily identify them.”
The bank’s Marketing Director went on to say that one of the company’s primary goals was to be able to offer its customers convenient access to a banking service network that was cost effective and convenient, with locations throughout the country.

In order to reach this goal, Ms, Mwambapa explained that the Bank was in the process of implementing a plan to open at least one branch in every district commercial center.
To this end, the Kahama branch of the CRDB Bank represents the first branch to be located at district level.

Continuing with its goal, the Bank had branches in the districts of Njombe in Iringa Region, Korogwe (Tanga), Geita (Mwanza) and Tarime in Mara as well as locations in Usa River (Arusha), Mbinga (Ruvuma) and Mbozi in Mbeya Region by the end of 2008.

In addition to its numerous branches and agencies throughout the country, the CRDB Bank also boasts various alternative delivery channels including 114 ATMs, 17 Depository ATMs, 5 Mobile branches, 437 Point of Sale terminals, 401 microfinance partners, and internet banking, all of which have helped to give the CRDB Bank the title of being the most innovative bank in the country.

Remaining firm in its direction of development, the bank is continuously launching new studies on the most cost effective banking services networks.

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