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Creditinfo Tanzania and FNB Bank Partner Up

Creditinfo Tanzania, one of the 2 licensed credit bureau in the country, partnered with FNB bank to supply high quality customer data to the Bank of Tanzania. 

Creditinfo Tanzania, have been working closely with FNB on ensuring that the bank’s customer data, which has to be sent to the Bank of Tanzania’s Credit Reference Databank, is of the highest quality possible.

This Data is submitted by each bank to the Central Bank to comply with current legislation.

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According to Creditinfo’s getting this right from the beginning is of utmost importance, as it could affect the chance of a customer getting a loan in the future.

Shane Moldenhauer, Head of Operations at Creditinfo Tanzania said “Creditinfo Tanzania have the specialist local knowledge and experience to be able to support local banks in meeting their obligations when transferring their customer data to the Bank of Tanzania Credit Reference Databank. We have many years of experience in multiple countries in this field, whereas this process is new to most banks in this country. We have partnered with FNB bank to ensure their data supplied is of the highest quality.”.

Dave Aitken, CEO of FNB bank Tanzania commented “FNB Tanzania is a recent entrant into the Tanzanian Banking landscape, and we pride ourselves on the quality of service and everything that we do for our clients. This includes the supply of their data through to the Bank of Tanzania’s Credit Reference Databank. It is most important that we report accurately what has happened on our customer accounts when this data leaves FNB”.

To learn more about Creditinfo Tanzania read TanzaniaInvest exclusive interview with its Executive Director, Davith Kahwa.

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