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Exim Bank Launch Mobile Banking Service

Exim Bank Tanzania launched its Mobile Banking Service that enables EXIM Bank customers to access their bank accounts via mobile phone.

Mr Anthony Grant, Exim Bank Tanzania Managing Director said the launch of EB Mobile Banking Service marks Exim’s ongoing commitment to meet customer need for efficient access to their finances.

In an interview with TanzaniaInvest.com, Mr Grant expressed mobile banking as part of their development plan, expansion and broadening delivery channels to Tanzania’s unbanked population.

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The mobile banking service will allow customers to make instant transfer of funds, pay utility bills and credit card and to allow customers access to their account details.

“This is just the start of our journey to deliver an e-mobile solution that will really make a difference to our customers” Mr Grant added.

Exim Bank Tanzania is a locally established bank since 1997 and is in the forefront of providing quality banking services in Tanzania.

The Bank is one of the fastest growing banks in Tanzania and is a key financial player providing need-based banking services to all strata of the Tanzanian economy.

Read more from the Interview with EXIM Bank Managing Director, Mr Anthony Grant.

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