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Motorcycle Industry Links Up with EPZA

Kishen Import and Export Limited was recently inaugurated under the Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA) of Tanzania.
Dr. Abdallah Kigoda, Minister of Industry and Trade, spoke about the important role of the EPZA and the government’s support of production companies such as Kishen Import and Export last week at the inaugural ceremony.
“The development of our country depends much on industries, and our government is ready to cooperate with [people] who are able to invest in the sector.”
He remarked that the expansion of industries in Tanzania would foster economic growth through increased exports, employment opportunities, and technology transfer from developed countries.
Kishen Import and Export -manufacturer of Toyo motorcycles- opened in 2012 and has undergone a three-phase development process.
The company director, Rajen Solanki, explained that the first phase involved importing raw materials and assembling products within Tanznaia.
The second phase involved buying 40% of all raw materials within Tanzania and creating products that are both exported and sold in-country.
The third phase, to buy 100% of all raw materials within Tanzania, will be implemented soon in the production of Toyo motorcycles.

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