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Tanzania Eyes Investments Into Sugar Production

Ashatu Kijaji Minister for Investment Industry and Trade of Tanzania

The newly appointed Minister of Investment, Industry, and Trade Dr. Ashatu Kijaji urged investors to come to Tanzania to develop industrial sugar factories and benefit from the many areas set aside for investment.

Minister Kijaji made the remarks while briefing the Fair Competition Commission (FCC) investigation into the shortage and rising prices of soft drinks that occurred from October to January 2022 due to the unavailability of industrial sugar connected to the lack of containers to transport cargo to the country.

In this regard, she assured Tanzanians that the Government will continue to take steps to increase efficiency in the removal of cargo at the port, improve transportation on the highway and strengthen the transit of border crossings as it has established a system for issuing permits to import industrial sugar through such permits.

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Simultaneously, the Government will work on attracting investment in industrial sugar production in the country to eliminate dependence on imports of sugar.

“I urge investors to come to the country to invest in industrial sugar factories because there are many areas set aside for investment, a situation that will help prevent the recurrence of the sugar shortage because it will be produced locally and not imported,” Minister Kijaji said.

She also added that the Government will continue to create an enabling environment for trade and investment in the country with the aim of building a strong industrial economy.

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Tanzania’s sugar annual demand is estimated at 710,000 tonnes in 2019 versus a local production of 439,100 tonnes in the same year.

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Sugarcane farming and processing in Tanzania is very limited and cannot meet the national demand and the gap is filled with sugar imports.

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