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Tanzania Chamber of Minerals Demand Export Ban Uplift

Tanzania Chamber Minerals Export ban satement

The Tanzania Chamber of Minerals and Energy (TCME) issued a statement on 16th March 19, 2017 to clarify its position on the recently introduced ban on exports of concentrate and ore of metallic minerals.

The chamber indicates its disappointment that there was no prior consultation with the affected stakeholders, which would have avoided the significant negative impact on existing operations and future investment into the mining sector.

According to the chamber, under the current situation some mines faces imminent closure because of the loss of revenues from the sale of concentrates.

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In addition, the taxes and royalties collected by the government from the mining sector will be significantly reduced.

“The ban, if upheld, will have huge negative social and financial impact to the affected companies and the nation al large,” the statement reads.

This is why the chamber is in the process of engaging the government on how best to address their concerns while making it aware of the scale of damage the ban will do to the mining industry and to potential investments.

TCME believes that the mining companies operating in Tanzania need to be allowed to continue to export their products for smelting until when there us an operational smelter in the country.

Ultimately, the chamber urges the government to consider lifting the ban and to conduct a feasibility study to determine the viability and the preferred practical mechanism to develop smelting capability in Tanzania.

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