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Tanzania Will Be Africa’s Fourth Leading Iron Producer

Tanzania will be Africa’s fourth leading iron producer once iron ore facilities in Ludewa District, Njombe Region are operational in five years.
The project, which is led by Tanzania-China Mineral Resources Limited (TCMRL), is expected to have a lifespan of 70 years and to extract 219 million tons of iron ore, 174,000 tons of titanium, and 5,000 tons of vanadium.
The project also includes coal mining, an electricity plant and power lines connecting strategic areas, an iron melting plant, and the construction of roads and a factory for production of iron products.
According to Abel Ngapemba, the National Development Corporation’s Manager of Public Affairs, TCMRL will invest a total of 3 billion USD in start up costs.
He further stated that the project will generate 1.7 billion USD annually and will direct-employ 6,000 and indirect-employ 35,000 individuals.

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