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tanzania-population-2050Tanzania Population

Tanzania’s population of 62.7 million in 2022 is expected to grow rapidly, between 2% and 3% per year over the 2022-2050 period.

According to the World Bank’s 20th Tanzania Economic Update (TEU), The size of the Tanzanian population projected under three scenarios will range from about 120 million to 141 million by 2050, depending on the fertility rate.

Tanzania’s median age is expected to grow from a current 17.3 years to 22.2 years by 2050, placing the country among the 10th youngest populations in the world.

The projected increase in Tanzania’s population would move the country from the current 14th position with a 1.9% growth contribution to the 4th position with 5.5% in 2050 behind Nigeria, India, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tanzania, which is ranked today at the 26th position in the list of countries representing 75.1% of the world’s population, would rank as the 14th largest country with an expected population of 137m by 2050.

The fertility rate measured as the number of children in a female’s lifetime, would be reduced from a current 5.24, considered as a high-fertility country, to 3.42 by 2050.

Mortality and under-five mortality rates measured as deaths per 1,000 births, would improve from 37 and 51.5 to 19.1 and 24.2, while life expectancy at birth is expected to grow from the current 64.0 years to 74.2 in the same period.

The population distribution in Tanzania is extremely uneven. Most people live on the northern border or the eastern coast, with much of the remainder of the country being sparsely populated. Density varies from 12 per square

Density varies from 12 per square kilometer (31/sq mi) in the Katavi Region to 3,133 per square kilometer (8,110/sq mi) in the Dar es Salaam Region. Approximately 70% of the population is rural. However, urbanization is increasing fast.

Tanzania Population Hits 45 Million

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