Tanzania Mobile Money Subscriptions Increase by +9% in Q2 2020


According to the latest telecoms statistics for Q2 2020 published by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), overall mobile money subscriptions (mobile money accounts) in the country reached 29,659,961 in June 2020, versus 27,127,298 in March 2020.

M-Pesa had the largest share of mobile money subscriptions with 11,555,505, followed by Tigo Pesa (8,821,524), Airtel Money (5,883,497), Halopesa (2,089,749), TTCL (916,351), and Ezy Pesa (393,335).

In June 2020, 272,339,270 mobile money transactions took place, for a total value of TZS 10,651,723,214,486 (USD 4.6 billion). In March 2020, 256,964,881 transactions took place, for a total value of TZS 9,017,884,846,866 (USD 3.9 billion).

M-Pesa had the highest value of mobile money transactions with TZS 5,962 billion, followed by Tigo Pesa (TZS 2,334 billion), Airtel Money (TZS 1,965 billion), Halopesa (TZS 285 billion), Ezy Pesa (TZS 92 billion), and TTCL (TZS 11 billion).

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