Tanzania Mobile Money Transactions Reached Record Value of 4.9bn USD in September 2020


The latest telecoms statistics for Q3 2020 published by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), show that mobile money transactions reached TZS 11.55trn (USD 4.98bn) in September 2020.

In the same month, a total of 299,258,504 mobile money transfers were made, for an average value per transfer of TZS 38,614 (USD 16.6).

M-Pesa accounted for the largest share of mobile money transactions with 117,478,807, followed by Tigo Pesa (88,930,484), Airtel Money (67,515,180), Halopesa (21,383,989), Ezy Pesa (3,215,373), and TTCL (734,671).

In September 2020, Mobile Money Subscriptions (Mobile Money Accounts) reached 30,586,806, lead by M-Pesa with 12,514,475 accounts, followed by Tigo Pesa (8,679,082), Airtel Money (6,153,678), Halopesa (2,263,033), TTCL (537,787), and Ezy Pesa (438,751).

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