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Tanzanian And Chinese Telecom Companies Sign USD 182 Million Deal To Build Landline And Mobile Networks

The Tanzania Telecommunications Limited (TTCL) has signed a USD 182 million deal with China-based Huawei Technologies to be used in the construction of landline and mobile ICT networks.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, CEO of the state-owned TTCL, Kamugisha Kazaura, explained that the expanded technologies would allow the TTCL to offer its customers higher quality data services.

According to Dr. Kazaura, the first phase of the project will be completed by June 2015 and will include 4G LTE, 3G UMTS, and 2G GSM technologies.

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Additionally, the agreement is expected to include the acquisition of equipment to bring telecommunication services to rural parts of the country under the Universal Communications Service Access Fund (UCSAF).

Key objectives of the UCSAF include improving the availability of communication services in rural and urban areas of the country and, according to Dr. Kazaura, the TTCL has won a contract to bring telecommunications services to more than 500,000 residents in over 400 villages.

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