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Tanzania Telecoms Upgrade Tariffs

The leading independent network planning and optimization consultancy group, AIRCOM International, recently announced that its work with the Tanzania telecoms operator, Vodacom, will help the cell company to implement more dynamic tariff offerings for its customers and will also help them to take better advantage of the cell sites in the under-exploited areas of its network.

According to a statement from the managing director in Africa of AIRCOM International, Graham Kemp, “In times of economic uncertainty, it is imperative that operators look at new innovative and flexible ways of charging customers to secure the loyalty of a vast and rapidly expanding subscriber base […] Our work with Vodacom Tz has allowed them to launch new strategic services based on our data, thereby providing affordable connectivity and improved network quality.”

Through its one of its tools, known as OPTIMA, AIRCOM International has produced regional network data, which has helped to set a benchmark for an effective operational strategy within the Vodacom Group.

In its operations in Tanzania, Vodacom has been using the OPTIMA tool in order to determine how much of a discount can be offered to the individual cell sites across their network, which has since led to a more effective method of distinguishing and classifying the tariffs that can  be offered to different Vodacom customers.

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Since 2006, Vodacom Tz has been working with AIRCOM to create a network of monitoring and optimization tools that can be effectively be used in their multi-vendor, multi-technology environment.

Because of the tools that have been created and implemented through its work with AIRCOM, Vodacom Tz has been able to enhance its capabilities to plan and optimize different elements within its network and is also more capable of delivering a wider range of options in the tariff plans that it can offer to its customers

According to Dana Bakker, the managing executive director at Vodacom Tz Ltd., because of the work that has been done with this leading consultancy group and the tools that have been developed, the telecoms operator has been able to provide its customers with an experience that is often beyond the expectations of the average mobile user in the country.

“With its ‘think global and act local’ attitude, AIRCOM International’s knowledge of the African market, combined with its world-leading skill set meant that it was the obvious choice to help plan, monitor and optimize our network performance,” said Bakker, “Working with them we have been able to offer a range of unique, affordable and relevant services to our customers without compromising network quality, ensuring that the Vodacom user experience remains beyond the expectation of Tanzania’s average mobile user.”

Currently Vodacom Tz relies on the ENTERPRISE tool suite from AIRCOM, which includes products such as ASSET, OPTIMA, RANOPT, and CONNECT.

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