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American Billionaire to Finance New Airport at Tanzania Natural Park Serengeti

US tycoon and conservationist Paul Tudor Jones has partnered with the Tanzanian government to finance a new airport near Tanzania’s most renown national Park, Serengenti, in Northern Tanzania.

Serengeti is currently served by Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), about 50km from Arusha town and about 400km from Serengeti.

The new airport in Mugumu town, near Serengeti, will make it easier for foreign tourists to fly directly into the park.

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Mr Jones already own a number of super-luxury lodges in the area, via Singita Grumeti Reserves (SGR).

He is the founder of Tudor Investment Corporation, a private asset management company and hedge fund. His current wealth is estimated to be USD 3.6 billion by Forbes Magazine and ranked US’ 108th richest man and 376th richest in the world.

Tanzania is currently undergoing intense expansion of its airports and airstrips network via the Tanzania Airport Authority (TAA).

A number of investment opportunities exists and can be viewed here: 


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