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Tanzania Set to Become the Main Port Hub for East Africa

Dar-es- Salam ports show significant improvement in logistics performance, according to the 2012 East African Logistics Performance Survey by the Shipper Council of East Africa (SCEA),  making it the top port in East Africa.

This is due to drastic changes implemented by the Tanzanian Port Authority on processing cargo in the main port of Tanzania, Dar-es-salaam.

However, the  cost of shipping within the east Africa region still constitutes to be a problem.

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For example, it can cost more than double to transport a container than if it were shipped from the Far East.

This is set to change with the construction of a brand new port in Bagamoyo, north of Dar es Salaam, that will have the capacity to handle 20 million containers per year, compared with Dar es Salaam’s installed capacity of 500,000.

In addition to the new port in Bagamoyo, a new deep sea port will be built in Tanga, northern Tanzania.

It will be built together with a new heavy haul, standard gauge railway that will depart from Tanga.

The so-called Mwambani Port and Railway Corridor will drastically improve shipping performance. 

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