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Siemens to Invest in Power Generation in Tanzania

Siemens Tanzania power project

German conglomerate Siemens is planning to invest in the power generation sector of Tanzania, aspiring to produce about 1,000 Megawatts of which 800 using natural gas.

When in conversation at TIC with the Executive Director Mr. Geoffrey in March, Stephan Luyt, the South Africa Regional Account Manager of Siemens said: “Siemens is prepared for this initiative and we can structure any type of proposal including 100% financing solution”.

Mr. Mwambe said: “TIC is excited about this initiative and we believe that reliable and extensive power supply system is the fundamental pre-requisite for economic growth and we shall sit down with Siemens to map out the roadmap which will assist towards the facilitation and implementation of this initiative”.

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“We believe that this project would be very crucial in improving sectors like energy, manufacturing which would automatically support our industrialization agenda and agricultural sector since Siemens is planning to furthermore engage in the cheap automation of the agricultural solutions” added Mr. Mwambe.

Tanzania Power Production

Tanzania has abundant energy resources such as hydro, natural gas, coal, uranium, wind, geothermal, biomass, solar, tidal and waves.

About 85% of the total primary energy supply in Tanzania comes from biomass (mainly firewood and charcoal), while other energy sources include petroleum (9%), electricity (4.5%), and other renewable energy sources (1.2%).

In 2016, Tanzania’s total power installed capacity was 1,357.69 MW composed of hydro 566.79 MW (42%), natural gas 607 MW (45%) and liquid fuel 173.40 MW (13%).

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