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Tanzania Lindi Jumbo Graphite Mine Announces First Shipment to Europe

Lindi Jumbo First Graphite Shipment

Walkabout Resources Limited (ASX:WKT) recently announced the successful production and shipment of the first consignment of on-specification graphite concentrate from the Lindi Jumbo Graphite Mine in Tanzania.

The Lindi Jumbo plant is in the commissioning process, with the first graphite concentrate bagged in early May. The company explains that this initial shipment marks a significant milestone as the first sales shipment of graphite concentrate from the Lindi Jumbo Graphite Mine to Europe.

Andrew Cunningham, Walkabout’s Managing Director and CEO, stated, “The successful production of on-spec, saleable product during the commissioning process at the Lindi Jumbo plant facility is an exciting milestone. Achieving our first concentrate shipment from site, especially when customers are eager to secure their graphite supply chains, is a rewarding outcome for our team and stakeholders.”

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Walkabout also explains that recent US tariffs on Chinese graphite have improved product pricing, benefiting the company. This development comes at a time when the market is concerned about supply chain security following China’s export restrictions on graphite.

Cunningham added, “We now have the opportunity to engage with more end-users as we continue to demonstrate we have a viable product and that we are serious contenders in the development of non-Chinese graphite supply.”

Lindi Jumbo Project Update:

All sections of the plant are commissioned. The commissioning team is focused on increasing plant availability for continuous operation and steadily increasing throughput to reach the planned production volume of 40Ktpa. Achieving continuous 12-hour shift operations has been a significant milestone.

Despite initial limited plant availability, the first consignment of on-spec bagged graphite concentrate has been shipped to Dar es Salaam for sale under an exclusive offtake agreement with Wogen. This shipment forms part of a larger order destined for a European customer.

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