Rural Electrification


According to the National Census of 2012, about 70% of Tanzanians reside in rural areas, of which 69.8% have access to electricity in 2019/20 is 69.8% compared to 49.3% in 2016/17.

But only 24.5%  of rural households were actually connected to electricity in 2019/20 (16.9% in 2016/17).

The majority of villages (97.8%) are connected to Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO)/ Rural Energy Agency (REA) power grid, 1.8% are connected to local private power producers, and 0.4% are connected to both TANESCO/REA and local private producers.

The Government of Tanzania plans to increase rural connection levels to 50% by 2025 and at least 75% by 2033.

For this, the Rural Energy Board (REB), REA, and the Rural Energy Fund (REF) were established to promote, stimulate and facilitate access to modern energy services in rural areas of Tanzania.

Sources: Rural Energy Agency (REA)
Last Update: 12 October 2020

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