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Construction of New Mbamba Bay Port on Lake Nyasa Commences

Mbamba Bay Port Location

The Tanzania Port Authority (TPA) recently announced it has officially handed over the construction site for the new Mbamba Bay Port to Anova Consulting Company Ltd.

The port, on the shore of Lake Nyasa (aka Lake Malawi), in the Nyasa District, Ruvuma Region, in southern Tanzania, is set to undergo construction by Xiamen Ongoing Construction Group Co of China, as per the design and construction contract signed on December 4 last year.

Speaking during the handover event, Ndg. Manga Gassaya, the Port Manager of Lake Nyasa, emphasized the importance of adhering to standards and completing the project within the agreed timeframe. The handover aimed to delineate the construction boundaries for the upcoming development.

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Mbamba Bay Port, a long-awaited project on Lake Nyasa, is poised to undergo construction over 24 months at a cost of TZS 80.85 billion.

The port’s development is expected to bring substantial benefits to the region, including employment opportunities for the residents of Nyasa District, Ruvuma Region, and neighboring areas.

Upon completion, Mbamba Bay Port is anticipated to boost economic activities, such as agriculture, entrepreneurship, and manufacturing industries, at various levels. Additionally, it is expected to enhance the efficiency of the ports along the Indian Ocean coast by connecting through the Mtwara corridor.

Mr. Gassaya noted that the port would play a crucial role in connecting Tanzania with Malawi and Zambia, serving as a vital link for the transportation of food and agricultural products between these regions.

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