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Swissport Increase Cargo Capacity and Reduce Processing Time at Dar es Salaam Airport

swissport tanzania cargo at JNIA

Swissport Tanzania (DSE: SWIS) has recently announced that it will increase its annual cargo handling capacity at Dar es Salaam Airport to 80,000t, starting May 2016.

The company will achieve this through its new import cargo facility at the Julius Nyerera International Airport (JNIA), which is expected to be completed this month.

The new facility will increase Swissport’s handling capacity at JNIA to 80,000t per year (30t at once) and will reduce the time of the tracking process from 30 to 10 minutes.

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The cargo warehouse will be located in Swissport’s new USD10m terminal where the company will also locate its new offices.

The terminal will use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), attached to containers or products for identification and tracking purposes.

According to the CEO of Swissport Tanzania, Gaudence Temu, this is the first facility in Africa using such state-of-the-art technology.

“We have invested for the future and almost doubled the capacity. […] The entire concept is to simplify cargo handling as our business is customer oriented”, Temu explained while showing the new facility to local media.

Swissport Tanzania is the leading ground and air cargo service provider in the country, operating at JNIA and Kilimanjaro international airports and at Songwe and Mtwara national airports.

The overall cargo handling at JNIA was 22,013t in 2015, with the largest airline delivering up to 15t at once.

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