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German Solar Energy Firm To Connect Off-Grid Rural Households In Tanzania For TZS 999 Per Day


Mobisol GmBH, a Berlin based solar energy equipment supplier, has recently launched in Tanzania its fee for service or pay as you go photovoltaic systems to connect off-grid rural households in Tabora, Dodoma, Kagera, and Pwani regions at a rate of TZS 999 or USD 0.46 per day.

The initiative follows the new partnership established between Mobisol and UK AID under the “Power for All Campaign” that seeks to transform the power supply industry in the Sub-Saharan Africa and other developing regions in the world by delivering the most effective and sustainable solution to ensure universal energy access by 2030.

Mobisol will improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of off-grid rural households in Tanzania and also support the government’s efforts to ensure that rural population has access to affordable energy to meet their living or small businesses’ needs, explain Mobisol Marketing Manager Allan Rwechungura.

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Mobisol is currently offering three different service levels of 60 MW, 120 MW and 200 MW that consist in a solar panel installed on the roof connected to a solar controller and equipped with several LED lamps, cell phone chargers, cables, and switches.

While the services of 60 MW and 120 MW are meant to cover the basic and larger households energy needs respectively, the 200 MW service has been designed to meet the needs of small businesses as bars, restaurants and commercial services.

The prices vary from USD 310 to USD 1,000 that can be paid with an initial payment equal to 10% of the service chosen and installments that go from USD 12 to USD 45 per month with a maturity date of 36 months.

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In mainland Tanzania only 2% of rural people enjoy access to electricity against 39% in urban areas, according to the United Nations (UN).

According to Lutengano Mwakaesya, Director General of Tanzania’s Rural Energy Agency (REA)” in those areas which can’t be reached by the main grid the establishment of mini grids and pico solar PV systems to individual households will be of paramount importance.”

On 29th of February, 2016, Tanzania Energy & Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) board approved a small SPP framework for solar and wind energy production which is going to be procured competitively, via a bidding process.

Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) will announce the requirements, on- grid or off-grid, for 2016 for solar and wind power generation.

“Developers willing to generate solar and wind power on the areas designated by TANESCO will be required to compete and will be selected on the least cost and the ability to do the projects” explained Felix Ngamlagosi, Director General of EWURA.

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