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Tanzanian Ports Improving Cargo Clearance Through Electronic Single Window System

Belgium-based Phaeros group and the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) had signed a contract on 24th of April 2014 enabling to fast track cargo clearance at the Tanzanian ports.

The agreement worth TZS 11 billion (USD 6.7 million), which will be paid by the TPA, ensures that the Phaeros group will provide the necessary software and install the “Electronic Single Window System” (ESWS) in Dar es Salaam port as part of the pilot project.

Under the ESWS system cargo delays are expected to removed, as clearing agents will be entering data regarding cargo electronically, instead of doing so manually.

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Therefore the ESWS will enable to increase Dar es Salaam cargo clearance capacity from current 13 million tonnes per year to 15 million tonnes annually upon the completion of the project by the end of 2014.

TPA Information and Communications Technology Director, Mr Phares Magesa, mentioned that: “Not only will the capacity be increased, but the duel time of cargo will be decreased to less than five days compared to the current nine to eleven days to clear cargo in our ports”, adding that he believes that Dar es Salaam port capacity will increase up to 18 million tonnes per year by 2015.

On behalf of the Phaeros Group Mr Stan de Smet called the contract a milestone achievement in improving port system of Tanzania.

Once installed in Dar es Salaam port, ESWS will be set up in all the remaining ports of the country.

Tanzania will be the first Eastern and Central African country to install such a progressive cargo clearance system.

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The Tanzanian Minister for Transport, Dr Harrison Mwakyembe, reiterated recently the importance of exploiting Tanzania’s geographic location: “Tanzania is surrounded by six landlocked countries and possesses a coastline of 1,500 km, this is a blessing that should be utilized”. 

Accrding to Phaeros website, after being rolled out by Tanzania Ports Authority, the ESWS system will be extended to border posts and airports, which are under different authorities. 

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